First Post, Disclaimer on Posts to Come

FAIRFAX- Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to announce the creation of the new blog “The Green Pepper”! Much to our delight (and possibly your displeasure), we have launched this blog as a form of entertainment for all things in relation to Mason.  Yes, this is “real” news, that is, if you are a believer of all things you read on the Internet (we would not advise on that but to each their own).  With that said, it is important to post this disclaimer and so here it is:


*SPOILER ALERT* This blog is intended for satirical and parodic purposes therefore it is important to explicitly state that the articles and posts on The Green Pepper are not and I repeat ARE NOT real or truthful.  We serve not to libel or tarnish the reputation of any institutions or public figures mentioned in our posts but rather to provide comedy to readers of the blog. We are not affiliated with George Mason University in any way; the opinions reflected in our posts are the opinions of The Green Pepper and should be regarded as such, opinions and nothing more.  Complaints, comments, praises, and all else can be posted in the comments section of each post/article.  Read at your own risk. END


Now that we have the formalities out of the way, please, enjoy the posts and at least try to be entertained by the banter or lack thereof.


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